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I am an adventurous, courageous mother of two equally sprightly boys, aged ten and four years. We live a happy, fully functional life without rules, punishments or the negation of feelings or will.

I strived to raise my first son, Sullivan, in an autonomous approach and struggled terribly to unify my beliefs of freedom in every context with the common ways of mainstream parenting.

Then my second son, Marley hit the so called (wrongly named) Terrible Twos. As I watched a family of ducks in the park, the parents being utterly, what seemed impossibly patient, the chicks staying close to their mother and following her with implicitness, I just knew things were gravely wrong in our culture.

Since then I have overthrown my reign as matriarch and we live in an equal, peaceful, authentic way.

Follow my blog for inspiration and practical know-how and join the revolution! Free your children from their false compliance and accept them as your partners in life!



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